Analyze This: The Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing Analytics

Analyze This: The Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing Analytics
In this post at Content Marketing Institute, defines content marketing as “the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience …

Content Marketing: It Matters For Meetings Too
Content marketing isn't just for recruiting, retaining, and engaging members. It can also be used to do the exact same thing when it comes to your association's meeting attendees. Learn the how and why of doing it successfully. The latest issue of …
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Why Isn't Content Marketing Working for You?
You know what is really causing you content marketing problems? Your content! Instead of going deep into a particular topic you just scratch the surface. You only give out your good stuff if you get paid for it or get an email address from somebody …
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How To Create An Effective Content Marketing Strategy For 2016
But at the heart of it, content marketing has one simple central tenet: Deliver fresh, unique and informative content that taps into the interests of your target audience. How you go about that can vary, and how you continue your content marketing …
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Why Visualization Matters in Data and Content Marketing
Data is a powerful tool in content marketing, but it can be hard for readers to understand unless it's presented well. One solution is providing a visual breakdown of the data in a context that's easier for the average web user to read or scan. Let's …
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Marketing Gone Mobile: How To Harness Mobile And Content Marketing
This means creating and delivering relevant content at a breakneck pace across every marketing channel — including mobile devices. It's stiff competition for consumer attention, so it's critical to hit the mark with content to attract an audience …
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Good day to all my Nigeria brethren, it's a delight to part of this community. I have enjoyed my few days here, and I must say kudos to; you guys are doing a amazingly great. I want to extend an invitation to anyone who is willing to …
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Content That Clicks: Build Your Strategic Content Marketing Plan
BuildOn, a nonprofit that supports volunteerism by at-risk youth, has fueled its growth with a strategic content marketing plan that emphasizes storytelling in blogs, video, and social media. Members and prospects often complain that associations push …
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How to get and leverage user-generated content
“I have found that one of the easiest ways to get B2B customer testimonials is to talk with our account service team right after we launch a new brand, website or digital campaign,” says Caitlin Devereaux, content marketing specialist, BrandExtract, a …
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The Quick Startup Guide To Content Marketing
Content marketing is one of the best answers to that problem. It also enables you to develop a relationship with your early customers and build trust. This is essential for developing what Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired magazine, called your "1000 True …
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Interesting Infographics: 11 Ways to Drive Sales With Content Marketing
If you're skilled at content marketing, your efforts can yield up to three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing. Not bad, right? Brand content can be a pretty powerful force. But the metric that you should be thinking about is whether …
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Content Marketing
9 hours ago Spas of America, the #1 spa and wellness travel website today launched a new online experience featuring 500 of the best resort, hotel and health spas in high-definition (HD) quality.Spas of America's new online experience provides a more …
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6 Thoughts On Content Marketing Strategy For Law Firms
It has been ascertained through research that a number of law firms now plan their marketing strategies around content marketing and have reported considerable improvement in their clientele. Through a proper and well designed content marketing …
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Thursday Buzz: The Longest (and Best) Content Marketing Post Ever
The Content Marketing Handbook, written by Rohin Dhar, cofounder and CEO of Priceonomics, focuses on “how to write about information and make it spread.” The blog post looks at Priceonomics' success as a content marketing and data company and its …
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The biggest content marketing trends of 2015
It's almost the end of the year and it's safe to say the massive C-word isn't going away any time soon. That's right, I'm talking about content. There's no doubt that content marketing will continue to feature heavily in marketers' lives next year, but …
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PR: Ahead of its (Content Marketing) Time
content marketing whiteboard Content marketing remains firmly planted near the top of most brands' priorities these days. Organizations are weighing their options and trying to figure out what their next step should be. Do they grow their own internal …
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Ancestry Drives Sales, Not Awareness Via Content Marketing

Ancestry Drives Sales, Not Awareness Via Content Marketing
“Every piece [of content] we create, we're hoping to get a subscription or Ancestry DNA signup,” said Ancestry head of content marketing Steve Dalton. Ancestry produces a steady stream of posts, anticipating some will be hits. Then it uses platforms …
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What Makes Santa Claus a Content Marketing Genius?
What we can learn: You may not be able to send an individual message to every person in your community — but you can create content that is so attuned to their wants, their needs, and their dreams for the future that it makes them say “Wow, how did …
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